Midwest Miniature Bottle Collectors
Midwest Miniature Bottle Collectors

Club History

The club was founded in 1979 in the Chicago area.  While the annual MMBC Bottle Shows continued to grow in Chicago, show costs and demographics contributed to the annual show moving to St. Louis, Missouri in 1993.  Since 1993 the MMBC annual mini bottle show has continued to grow and is now known as the Premier Miniature Bottle show of the year by collectors around the country.

The Club has active members from many states as well as members from around the world.  Columbia, Peru,Argentina, New Zealand, Estonia, Italy, Canada,Germany, Mexico and Japan are but a few of the countries that members reside in.


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Midwest Miniature Bottle Collectors
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E-mail: petegabbard@msn.com

Club Contacts

President:  Jacquie Fowler

President Elect: Father Joe

Treasurer: Bill Baker

Secretary: Linda Voris

Newsletter editor: Ron Gabbard

Membership:  Pete Gabbard

Show Coordinator: Bill Baker

Show Table Coordinator: Butch Jones

Social Media: Paul Denner

Webmaster: Ron Gabbard

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